Thursday, January 08, 2009

eng. proj.

The story is all about the world war, many people in this world have power and influenced, but there are few who have the traits needed to be an incredible leader. These people who are positive leaders tend to leave strong impressions in our minds for years or maybe even a lifetime.

Captain John Miller is a strong willed individual with a commitment to his country. He leads his troop through battlefields and dangerous predicaments during World War II. It is his knowledge of combating the enemy, which leads him into a precarious situation.

Captain Miller is assigned the difficult task of finding Private Ryan who is missing along with most of his troop, which was divided after an attack. The reason for the mission is because Private Ryan's three brothers had just died in the war. Private Ryan is to be sent home immediately. The rest of the events that unfold entail tragedies and accomplishments that lead to Captain Miller's final command.

Captain Miller was a powerful leader. He was a legitimate Captain with much training in his position as an authoritative figure. With every command that he gives to his soldiers was need to be follow no matter what it is, many soldiers sacrificed their self and died to the war.

I like the main idea of the story because the story it’s not just about the war, it’s about what strategy are you going to use if something miserable happen to you, and how you going to survive with it, the story was also show of the men and his sacrifices. The story doesn’t have any heroes or winner it’s mainly showing how dreadful the war is.

. There’s one main reason, to stop the war, is to Show that war isn’t something that you should play with. People get encouraged from reading this story, but Spielberg the author of this story put so much violence, the chaos and no one can survive with out and injury or pose-traumatic stress. Spielberg shows that war isn’t a good thing regardless of the reason. The ideas of the story was to show how depressed place in the story. Spielberg used such great idea how to motivate the reader and make the reader feel what the story really is.